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Results of the competition "Healthy Generation is the Strong Country!"

On November 23, 2018 on the basis of Institute of additional professional education of experts of the sociocultural sphere and art there was protection of projects of the Republican competition of the youth innovative anti-narcotics projects implemented by institutions of cultural and leisure type of the municipal units of Tatarstan «Healthy generation – the strong country!». 26 applicants from 19 municipal districts were invited: Agerdze, Alekseevsk, Almet, Archa, Baltach, Bogelma, Bua, Yugary Oslan, Biektau, Zei, Laish, Moslim, Mendeleevsk, Tuben Kama, Yanga Chishme, Pitrech, Sarman, Teleche, Chistai. 40 creative projects were presented. The jury was:

Gali Gabdrakhmanov is a deputy director, an honored worker of RT;

Rita Dedyuleva is a manager of department of organizational and analytical, methodical work, an honored worker of RT;

Tatyana Chekmareva is a chief specialist, an honored worker of RT;

Taliya Solovyova is a manager of the sector of creative projects.

For protection each participant presented the presentation of the project and the small performance reflecting the main forms of formation of motivation of children, teenagers, youth on a healthy, creative conduct of life, introduction of innovative forms of antinarcotics activity in teenage young people.

According to criteria for evaluation of competitive works, by results of protection of creative projects 8 best projects which are most fully reflecting the purposes and problems of the competition were defined:

Cycle of actions «In the wake of Health». The author of the project: Elena Skvortsova is a methodologist of RDK of the Agerdze municipal district;

Cycle of actions «Healthy youth is the healthy future!». The author of the project: Gulshat Taziyeva is an artistic director of Apaz SDK of the Archa municipal district;

Cycle of actions «Live actively!». The author of the project: Nellie Ivanova is an artistic director of the mobile cultural center of the Bugulma municipal district;

Regional review competition of actions of rural KDU «All Paints of Creativity against Drugs». The author of the project: Alyona Klimko is a head of methodology department of RDK of the Bua municipal district;

Cycle of actions «Healthy generation – the healthy village». Authors of the project: Nadezhda Bakayeva is a director of Munaykinsky SDK, Lyubov Kalyagina is an artistic director of Munaykinsky SDK of the Mendeleevsk municipal district;


Cycle of actions «We have a rest for health». Authors of a project: Elmira Kotdusovna is a director of Bolsheafanasovsky SDK, Lyaylya Sadykova is a artistic director of Bolsheafanasovsky SDK, Ekaterina Gatina is a methodologist of Bolsheafanasovsky SDK of the Tuben Kama municipal district;

Creative project «Childhood is on the protection of upbringning». The author of the project: Fanil Minnekayev is a director of Verkhnekibyakozinsky SDK of the Teleche municipal district;

Cycle of actions «Our choice is health, life, success!». Authors of the project: Elena Obmanshina is a director of Bolshetolkishsky SDK, Marina Lavrenova is a methodologist of organizational department of information and education activity of TsS KDU of the Chistai municipal district.

At the end of the action the director of the Republican center of development for traditional culture F.Kh. Zavgarova summed up the results of the competition and handed to all participants diplomas, and to winners of the Republican competition certificates on laptops were also handed.