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Heights of Creativity

On November 24, 2018 in Energetik recreation Center of Zei viewing of the collectives of art creativity which submitted applications for confirmation of a rank «National Amateur Collective» took place.

Members of Arts council on assignment (confirmation) of a rank «National («Exemplary») Amateur Collective» (G.A. Gabdrakhmanov, T.S. Chekmareva, L.G. Yafarova, R.H. Gataullin) watched concert performances of «exemplary» children's choreographic ensemble «Smile» (a head is L.I. Nestyagina, a honored worker of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan), the national group «Magic» (a head is M.A. Petlenko), national vocal ensemble «Russian Soul» (a head is S.A. Mironova), national vocal and choreographic ensemble «Miras» (a head is A.H. Valiullina) of Energetik Palace of culture. Participants of collectives showed 32 different numbers. More than 100 children and teenagers participated in the concert. The program confirms system work of collectives. Collectives have good scenic suits; each executed dance represented dance performance. With each head of collective the detailed analysis of performances was carried out and creative and methodical recommendations are made.

Collectives in general were highly appreciated by members of Arts council and will be recommended to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan for confirmation of a rank «National («Exemplary») Amateur Collective».