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The staff of the Republican center of development for traditional culture warmly congratulates Marcel Bakirov on 85-year anniversary!

M. Bakirov is a recognized turcologist-literary critic and the specialist in folklore. He is a lot of years diligently and fruitfully being engaged studying of key problems of all-Turkic and Tatar folklore studies, poetry, the Turco-Tatar verse and ethnic culture. Results of these researches were fundamental works: monographs «Steps of Development of the Turco-Tatar Verse» (1973); «Experience of a system research of folklore genres. Baits and jokes» (1979); «Travel to the world of poetry. The history of transition from folklore to the literary classical verse» (1999); «Literature Cradle. Origin and the most ancient forms of all-Turkic poetry» (2001); «The Tatar folklore» (2012); «Old Turkic poetry: unsolved mysteries of oral and written creativity of our ancestors» (2015); the textbook for higher education institutions «Tatars folklore» (on the Tatar language) (2008); the popular scientific edition «Kotly Bulsyn Tuyegyz» (Happy Wedding) (on the Tatar language) (2007) and over 450 articles. As it was fairly and repeatedly emphasized in responses of leading experts, all these works without exception represent a fundamental contribution to domestic literary and folklore studies. It is remarkable that in a row the complete system of the most ancient poetic genres and forms of Turkic literature, since the praturkic-xiongnuperiod is reconstructed and recreated from them. Monograph «Experience of a system research of folklore genres. Baits and jokes» is the first experience of a system and structural research of folklore in the Tatar folklore studies and turcology in general. It was sent by the Volga office of the All-Russian copyright agency (Samara) to foreign countries, in particular, to Germany, the USA and Turkey. If the textbook published in Tatar for higher education institutions «Tatars folklore» (2008) became the main and demanded textbook on oral creativity of the native people, then fundamental work of M. Bakirov «The Tatar folklore» in Russian (2012) it was created and it was published as the first monographic work in the domestic and national science about folklore of the Tatar people in Russian covering all main genres of folklore of old and modern times. The big resonance in domestic philological science was caused by the monograph «Old Turkic poetry: unsolved mysteries of oral and written creativity of our ancestors» (2015). This book is the first in turcology and also the Tatar literary criticism and folklore studies experience of a research of genesis and development of all-Turkic poetry and its most ancient forms, since an era of praturk – xiongnu and finishing with the second half of the Middle Turkic period (the 10-15th centuries) with innovative inclusions from modern poetry. In total M. Bakirov is an author about ten monographs, a number of education guidances and also over 450 scientific articles on various subjects of literary criticism, folklore and the ethnoculture of ancient Turkic peoples.

Along with teaching work at the Kazan (Volga) federal university (earlier – the Kazan state university), it already for 27 years, i.e. from the date of foundation of the State center of collecting, storage, studying and promotion of the Tatar folklore, nowadays Republican center of development for traditional culture fruitfully is engaged in studying and promoting of traditional culture of Tatars. M. Bakirov is a member of Dissertation council on protection of doctoral and master's theses of Institute of language, literature and arts of G. Ibragimov and also an associate editor of the magazine «Philology and Culture» which is founded by Institute of philology of the Kazan (Volga) federal university and is included in the List of the Russian reviewed scientific magazines.

Professor M. Bakirov is awarded with the following state awards: medals «In Commemoration of the 1000th Anniversary of Kazan» (20.10.2005), «60 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945»; honorary titles «Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan» (1994); «Honored worker of science of the Republic of Tatarstan» (2004); «Honorable teacher of Kazan Federal University» (2013); «Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation» (2008); breastplate of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan «For achievements in culture» (2006); certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of PT (2006); winner of the International award of a name Kul Ghali.

We wish to the hero of the anniversary youth, health, longevity, wellbeing in family, happiness, joy and creative inspiration!