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On December 13, 2018 in the Center of culture and sport «Moscow» the final round and the Gala concert of the Republican competition of performers of the national song «Russian Song-2018» will take place.

The Republican competition of performers of a national song is intended to promote maintaining national performing culture, familiarizing of children and teenagers with values of the Russian culture. The Competition purpose is identification of gifted performers of a national song, enrichment of the repertoire of amateur collectives and increase in mastery.

The competition is carried out in 3 rounds:

I round – in areas and the cities of the Republic of Tatarstan from January to February, 2018;

II round – zone reviews took place from February to April, 2018 in 6 zones: Laishevo, Kama Tamagy, Bolgar, Almet, Tuben Kama, Kazan also captured more than 1000 people.

III round – final, it will take place on December 13, 2018 in the centre «Moskovsy» in Kazan.

For participation in a final action 30 ensembles and certain performers from 18 municipal units of the Republic of Tatarstan – winners of zone selection tours (more than two hundred people) are invited.

The beginning of a final tour is at 10:00.

The beginning of the Gala concert is at 18:00.